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Why Power Connector

Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle states that roughly 80% of all consequences come from 20% of the causes for many outcomes. We work to find the top 20% in each market within the nation responsible for 80% of the business that works in or with the real estate industry.

Top Performers

Power connector connects the "best of the best" each month with businesses that work with or in the real estate industry. As iron sharpens iron and a rising tide lifts all boats our club members bring out the best in one another to perform at their peak level.

Vetted Club Members

Power Connector uses various methods to form a vetted club of top-performing like-minded businesses in each local community to support each other and build relationships that financially benefit everyone.

Programs Offered

Power Connector

Monthly Publication (Print/Online)

Exclusive Events

High-Quality Events

Networking & Mastermind Groups

Weekly Mastermind & Networking Calls for Business Members

Business Coaching

Power Connector offers members the opportunity to dive deeper into areas of their business

Website Design

Tailored graphic design packages for your business


Search Engine Optimization


Connecting with Success

"The Best of the Best"

Each month we bring this champion group together with stories, articles, standings, achievement awards, and much more in the publication. We also offer many other programs in the local market like networking events, marketing mastermind meetings & coaching where the business members learn from other champions, build relationships and have fun that benefits all involved.

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