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The genesis of the Power Connector publication and Media

      The vision behind Power Connector is to give select businesses who operate in or with the real estate industry the opportunity to be part of a connected, top-notch community. Often, when a business owner gets asked for a referral, they need to feel comfortable referring their client to another business.  

Power Real Estate Media’s programs are designed so all businesses in our network will feel confident to give references because of our vetting process and programs. Our programs encourage all businesses to meet one another. Which facilitates long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships developed among the business owners, including clients.


 “Having experience in the publishing industry and owning an insurance agency, the company was routinely asked for quality references from our clients for flooring companies, kitchen & bathroom contractors, roofing companies, real estate attorneys, painters, real estate agents, property inspectors, mortgage companies, and many more in the real estate industry. Because of this experience, it became apparent that everyone who worked in or with the real estate industry should have a “go-to” group of top-quality businesses they would trust for business referrals when asked and expect the same in return.” 

 As a result, Power Real Estate Media developed a complete system where business owners can receive these valuable referrals. “Personally, seeing these mini clubs operate for many years with minimal organized efforts, it became apparent that there is a need to develop these “clubs” to perform at a significantly higher level that will help business all across America.”       

Tom Cannon/Founder

Power Real Estate

Power Connector Benefits Everyone

Top ten Principles of Power Real Estate Media

Power Real Estate Connector believes:

I. Faith & Family always come first.

II. Be courageous. You gain strength, courage, and confidence from every experience where you look fear in the face and go for it anyway.

III.  We recognize the unlimited power of the individual and believe in the merit system must prevail for all Americans.

IV. Take responsibility for your actions.

V. Have a healthy work ethic- A healthy work ethic must be maintained for success to develop especially through a learning curve.

VI. Be loyal and trustworthy- There must be trust & loyalty that operates both up and down the business hierarchy for a cohesive company to excel.

VII.  Be humble- Humility helps to build trust and facilitates learning, which are the key components to leadership and personal development.

VIII. Be a positive person. – No one is positive all of the time but work to be more positive every day and use all the blessings that come your way to help others do the same. Positive things really do happen to positive people.

IX. Be competitive with yourself in a healthy way every day. Have a constant quest for personal and business growth with measurable metrics.

X. Be tough on yourself- “If you be hard on yourself, life will be easy on you. But if you insist upon being easy on yourself’ life is going to be very hard on you”. Zig Ziglar

Power Connector is an Equal Opportunity Employer

 All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, political party, veteran or disability status.” We welcome all individuals who believe in freedom and  America.  


 With so much information censored by big tech & mainstream media, our programs allow members a platform to communicate important information and build relationships with other freedom-loving members in each local community. Power Real Estate Media does not discriminate against anyone, follows the EOE requirements and all decisions are based on merit.   We welcome all individuals who believe in freedom. 


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