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Power Connector Publication

Our monthly publication is free to real estate agents, mortgage brokers & insurance agents. Why do agents & brokers love us? Each month we publish stories that highlight their success and recognize their achievements. This benefits local businesses and the entire community.

Exclusive Events

Power Connector events are more like happy hour vs. traditional networking groups. The attendees are high-performing individuals who value like-minded top-performers to share ideas and learn from each other. The events are held at local restaurants where we bring our members to enjoy food and drinks and meet other members of the Power Connector. The events are Low Key, laid back, and a lot of fun. We publish a great story about the restaurant with pictures of our members enjoying a great evening out that benefits everyone. Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Insurance agents benefit from meeting the business members, and the business members benefit from meeting key individuals in the real estate industry. Trust club sees everyone at their best at these events, so we record short videos (30-second commercials, expert tips, etc...) to post online & the publication at the events.

Mastermind / Networking Calls

Members get to discuss advertising & marketing strategies with other top professionals- share ideas, get feedback, etc. Members love these events because everyone is going through similar challenges & the networking calls help aid the feeling of "Am I the only one going through this?"

Business Coaching

Power Connector offers members the opportunity to dive deeper into areas of their business: Staffing, personnel decisions, long-term growth strategies, and automated lead generation magnets. Additional products, including service opportunities mergers, and acquisitions decisions


Build Connections and Expand your reach

We work closely with each of our outstanding members to correctly connect them with the Real Estate Community in the area. Whether you are looking for networking events, marketing tips, or personal recommendations, being a Power Real Estate Connector member gives you access to opportunities not found anywhere else in the country.

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