Start your own Community

and be a Connector of Success


Build a community of vetted & like-minded businesses

Community Leaders select top-performing businesses in a community to build an organization that will form an alliance with top-performing real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and insurance agents through various programs offered by Power Connector. This connection will benefit all businesses and residents in the local community. 

Benefits of being a Community Leader


Community Leaders are proud of the unique organization that was built with hard work and their commitment to excellence. The organization that a club owner builds ends up taking on the owner's characteristics, it is similar to a parent with the children. Community Leaders have a great sense of respect and appreciation for the members and are looked at as a local community pillar to bring this top-performing team together.


Our club owners are top-quality people, they have a lot in common with our top-quality business members. In addition to the business relationships, we found many Community Leaders establish great friendships that can last a lifetime in many cases.

Quality of life

Work-life balance is an added value to a Community Leader. The business model is set up where there is a great deal of financial freedom and flexibility with scheduling so owners can spend more quality time with family and friends.

Financial Rewards

The harsh reality of life is that we need money to survive. The best part about money is when you don't have to think about it. Power Real Estate Media has built a business model that offers an opportunity to build wealth as they build a community. There is a season to work hard, make sacrifices, and there is a season to rest and enjoy the fruits of one's labor. Power Real Estate Media is very good at both!


The position of club owner can be entertaining and personally rewarding. The growth in oneself and confidence always allows for more fun in any endeavor. Community leaders spend most days meeting a variety of people on appointments, an environment for no dull days. Club owners' events are more like happy hours vs. stale 7 am traditional networking meetings. Most of our bi-monthly events are held at local restaurants where happy hours are already going on.

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